Farmer-participatory research network

Farmers are critical for driving our research and helping us identify successful land management practices. During this project we want to build a network of arable farmers who are already using grass-clover and species rich herbal leys, sheep and no-tillage on their arable farms. From 2019, we will run knowledge exchange workshops between our participant research network farmers and those who have not made these changes.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently reviewing how we host our workshops. Future events will most likely be online. Please check back later for more details on these. 

Our Research Survey

We are currently interested in understanding the barriers and opportunities that are faced by arable farmers to reintroducing livestock into their crop rotations and by livestock farmers to building partnerships with arable farmers to graze livestock on their land.
If you are a farmer, think you can help and would like to take our ca. 10 minute survey with a chance to win £100, please click here.